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Value-Added Reseller Incentive Programs

Incent your resellers to focus on selling your products and brands!
Reward points are redeemed through our Online Rewards Platform. To learn more, visit here.
Wanting to get started building your incentive program today? Click here!
Additionally, our proprietary reward technology allows us to pair any of the above reward program categories with any of the following incentive programs:

Plug & Play Modules

Our basic program package includes your own branded reward website, content marketing platform, access to the online rewards mall or branded gift card, full account management and administrative support, along with reporting and communications tools. We offer optional modules to optimize and customize program features to meet specific client business needs.










Value-Added Reseller Incentive Programs

Improve agreement results. Motivate with incentive rewards.

The primary objective of any partnership between a reseller and a supplier is to increase sales, improve market share, better profit margins or a combination of all three.
Value Added Reseller (VAR) Incentive programs deliver a quick and cost-effective way to connect with your supply chain partners, sparking product enthusiasm, increasing product knowledge and shifting sales strategies.

Develop a competitive edge. Increase overall profitability through your custom VAR incentive program.

Our hosted online technology platform and basic program package (link to basic program package page) make it easy to engage, educate and reward your sales channel representatives either through a points-based online rewards or gift card rewards program (link to appropriate online rewards, gift cards pages) – launched in a matter of weeks with minimal fixed cost and IT resources! Dedicated account management provides full service, end-to-end support — from program consultation to measurement and tracking. Robust tools give you 24-7 access to manage and update program targets as market needs change. Our experienced team understands what works for specific industries based on our extensive client base and market experience.

Key Features

  • Hosted online technology platform. Leverage our proprietary Software-as-a-Service technology (link to technology page). Our solution can integrate (link to integrated services module page) with existing CRM sales management software!
  • Communication services and program promotion tools. Promotional communications generate excitement and motivate participants to act. An online administrator platform delivers central marketing tools to set up promotional messages, e.g., “blast” email templates, as well as establish participant program targets.
  • Measurement and Tracking. Measure and track program participant performance (earned points, redeemed points, etc.) based on established sales criteria. The basic program package (link to program package page) includes 60+ free, real-time reports with optional á la carte reporting and data analysis available.
  • Training and surveys. Set up participant online training curriculums and/or surveys to facilitate product/service education.
  • Rewards. Reward your program participants either with more than 15 million brand name merchandise items, travel, hotel stays, event tickets and more through Incentive Solution’s industry-leading online rewards mall (with no additional fees or tariffs!) or a branded VISA ® gift card or retail gift cards (link to gift cards page) redeemable by more than 175 stores and restaurants. We handle fulfillment and offer flexible billing options. (link to pricing/billing page)
To find out more about how Incentive Solutions’ international incentive programs can deliver outstanding results for you, call 866.567.7432 or contact us today. (link to contact form)
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1.Motivate your strategic partners to make the most of market opportunity.Your VARs serve as an extension of your sales team and possess significant power to increase sales, strengthen market penetration and influence end customer satisfaction. Our swift program design and implementation (link to implementation page) model helps you to launch an ideal program solution in four to six weeks! Typical VAR programs we manage are designed to:·        Connect with VARS to take advantage of market opportunities and shift sales strategies·        Enhance product knowledge and skills·        Increase sales and overall profitability
To see how our VAR programs are helping our clients succeed, check out any of our case studies or white papers.  (link to case studies and white paper pages)
3.Incentive Solutions provides full-service support for all of our client programs, including program design, our online technology platform, participant communications and program management. For points-based online rewards (We offer the industry’s largest and richest reward selection!) and gift card programs, we handle reward fulfillmentcustomer care and performance measurement.

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