Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How Sales Channel Incentives Improve Manufacturing ?

​Internationally recognized manufacturing magazine Industry Today recently featured Incentive Solutions’ insights on using loyalty and incentive programs to manage channel partner relationships and reach business goals.
A new article by incentives expert and Incentive Solutions CEO Steve Damerow explains how manufacturers across all industries can use incentive technology to cultivate more positive supply chain relationships. The article was recently published by Industry Today magazine, which has been in circulation for 15 years and is the only source of manufacturing coverage that encompasses a variety of industries across the globe. Industry Today content is aimed at helping manufacturers thrive, whether in product innovation, marketing strategies or sales channel relationship management.
As Damerow’s article states, “For manufacturing industries, it was once difficult to use incentive programs effectively due to complex demands and sprawling supply chain networks. Today’s online technology allows incentive platforms to bolt onto CRM systems and make training, communicating, tracking, recognizing and rewarding channel partners much more efficient and cost effective.” Online incentive technology accomplishes all these things by allowing manufacturers to distribute a paperless rewards currency called “points” to their program participants, then maintain and track their participants’ point balances. They can then host educational tutorials, publish leader boards and track engagement levels.
When used with online technology, incentive programs can act as a reward system and marketing tool in one, which streamlines and empowers a formerly cumbersome and time-consuming process. With resources like this at their disposal, manufacturers can control a wide range of incentive sales promotions and reward a variety of behaviors that help foster channel partner loyalty and increase market share.
The success of manufacturers means the success of American innovation, which is why Steve Damerow and Incentive Solutions are excited to be counted among Industry Today’s trustworthy contributors, providing insights that analyze the current manufacturing landscape and drive industries forward.
About Incentive Solutions
Incentive Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1994 and is based in Atlanta, GA. Part of The ISI Group, consisting of Incentive Solutions,Loyaltyworks, and Travel Solutions, Incentive Solutions offers online rewards, travel incentives, and debit card reward programs. Since its creation, Incentive Solutions has been an innovator in the incentive industry by utilizing emerging online technologies that help companies increase sales, engage and motivate employees, encourage customer loyalty, create positive work environments, and enrich sales channel relationships.
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