Monday, 19 October 2015

Sales Incentive Programs

Increase sales and market share with a sales incentive program.
Enticing sales incentive rewards will drive business goals and boost the bottom line.
 In today’s crowded and competitive “marketing storm​,” sales incentive programs give your products and services that added “push” to stand out from the clutter. Both short- and long-term sales strategies benefit from this proven approach to boost numbers, energize people and deliver real, measurable results.
Whether your sales channel is delivered through a direct sales force​, distributors, value added resellers or some combination of all three, Incentive Solutions offers sales incentive program solutions that reward employees and/or business partners for
meeting and exceeding targets, selling specific items and services, or for gaining product or sales tool knowledge. With various reward options, you can offer big payouts for yearly milestone accomplishments​, smaller-scale rewards for short-term sales promotions and everything in between.
Invest minimal resources and time to increase sales – quickly​!
Augment your existing sales channel brand strategy and sales incentive plans with your customized sales incentive program. Our swift program design and implementation model helps you to launch an ideal program solution in four to six weeks! Typical channel sales​ and distributor programs we manage are designed to:
  • Increase sales in a mature market.
  • Rise above competitor clutter.
  • Increase awareness of new products and brands.
  • Encourage client referrals.
  • Target best customers.
  • Reward dealers and channel sales partners.
  • Build stronger long-term relationships and support long-term market share gain.
To see how our sales incentive programs are helping our clients succeed, check out any of our  or white papers.

  • According to Harvard Business Review, sales force
  • compensation represents the single largest marketing investment for most
  • B2B companies. In aggregate, U.S. companies alone spend more than $800 billion on it each year—three times more than they spend on advertising.
  • An Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) study found that, when incentive programs are first offered for completing a task, a 15% increase in performance occurs, and incentive programs that run for a year or more produced an average performance increase of 44%.
  • A fortune 500 computer manufacturer increased total sales by 25% and increased its customer base by 35% after initiating an incentive program, according to an Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) case study.

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