Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Cruising Into Your Next Incentive Travel Trip

​Cruises offer a multitude of options for delivering the perfect ​incentive travel program​ that would leave your guests raving about their experience for years to come. Check out the following points when deciding if a cruise​ is right for you and your event planning needs.

One location, multiple destinations: Cruises allow for the convenience of having one central guest room while checking out numerous destinations at the same time. With a cruise, you will not have to worry about long transfers from location to location or countless different international room check-ins. Cruises provide one simple 
check-in while bouncing from site to site simultaneously​.
Unique Venues: Cruise ships can range in space from small to extremely large, allowing you many options when choosing the perfect function space for your event. From professional meeting and conference rooms to exclusive ballrooms or theater​space, the options for unique surroundings on a cruise ship are endless.
Activities and Entertainment: A plus to hosting your incentive or group travel​program aboard a cruise ship is having bountiful amounts of activity and entertainment choices at your fingertips. Each destination visited while cruising offers countless
shore excursions and tours at individual stops to explore. Top-of-the-line cruise ships offer everything from Putt-Putt courses, top-notch spa services, casinos and Broadway shows to nightly movies under the stars, dance clubs and karaoke nights. Your guests will never tire of the adventures and liveliness to be had on- and off-board a
Dining: A variety of restaurants and 24-hour eateries are at every turn on a cruise ship. Guests can enjoy fine to casual dining options on their evenings at leisure and can rest assured that the “built-in” catering services will leave group travel​ or
corporate event functions and receptions with not a stone unturned. Having all your dining needs on-board makes for a seamless event when keeping groups fed and satisfied day in and day out.
All-Inclusive: Cost and budget are top factors when choosing the right incentive trip destination for your group. Cruises​ allow for an all-inclusive experience with accommodations, food, most beverages as well as on-board activities and entertainment at one easy price. Customizable packages, such as specific, top-shelf beverage plans, are also available in order to tailor make each program specific
to your every want and need.
When considering a cruise, some guests may be hesitant being out at sea or even wary of motion sickness. In those instances, you may turn to river cruises as an alternative. While still receiving all-inclusive service​ as well as the luxury of exploring multiple stops along one trip route, river cruises provide a smaller, more intimate ship feeling while lessoning the motion sickness occurrence​s.
Whether opting for a large family-friendly adventure for your national sales meeting, or a more cozy, incentive feel, consider a cruise for your next company group travel event. Sit back, relax (or explore!) and “sea” the world!

Mattie Logan
Travel Associate Account Manager at The ISI Group​ of Companies consisting of:

Cruising Into Your Next Incentive Travel Trip

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